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Blind, deaf dog rescued by Love of Paws to be featured on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl


By Jamie Vinson
Advocate managing editor

One of local rescue organization Love of Paws’ success stories will get her 15 minutes of fame next month.

Moonshine was rescued by Love of Paws from Winchester after someone tried to dump her. She is both deaf and blind.
Moonshine later went on to Double J Dog Ranch, a sanctuary for dogs with special needs.

In February, Moonshine will be one of the animals featured on Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl.”

The Puppy Bowl features rescued dogs looking for forever homes who will compete for the “Lombarky” Puppy Bowl trophy. The annual event airs the same day as the Super Bowl. You can view it at 3 p.m. Feb. 4 on Animal Planet.

According to media reports, 90 puppies will play in the Puppy Bowl. The dogs are from 48 various rescues from 25 U.S. states and territories.
Some of the animals come from areas that were devastated by natural disasters.

Moonshine is among the starting lineup for Team Ruff, which will take on Team Fluff. The Puppy Bowl will be held at the new bone-shaped Geico stadium, according to media reports.

The starting lineup will compete for the Most Valuable Puppy award by scoring the most touchdowns with dog-approved toys.
Also competing with Moonshine in the Puppy Bowl is another Double J Ranch dog, Ryder.

“We are overjoyed,” Pat Henry, president and founder of Love of Paws, said. “You go girl ... shine on sweet baby.”

Henry added that, “Sometimes we see animals and people on this earth that aren’t perfect ... they may look different or act different than what we think normal is. Moonshine needed a rescue. I said yes and called my friend Christine at Double J Ranch.”

After being rescued here, Moonshine traveled to Double J Ranch, which is in Idaho, via plane.

“The longer she stayed the hotter the weather got and I was terrified of putting her on that plane. I could not think of her being so afraid and alone. She was rerouted on the plane to make sure she did not overheat,” Henry said.

Henry drove Moonshine to Lexington, where she departed for her flight.
“I tagged in to Delta and sat all day watching where she was each hour. I did not sleep or eat. I was obsessed with this baby being alone. I stayed up all night giving her warm baths and telling her what a life she would have.”

Love of Paws volunteers offered to drive 30 hours from here to Idaho to transport Moonshine, but Henry said she knew Moonshine was fearful of car rides and felt a plane ride would better suit her.

“Look at this girl ... going to Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl and then on to a new home in Pennsylvania. God bless you Double J Ranch.”

In an unrelated story this week, we take a look at the number of animals Love of Paws helped in 2017 and how you can help with the group’s continued rescue efforts this year, see page A3.