Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Photo by Tom Marshall
The driver of this dune buggy was allegedly intoxicated when he plowed into the side of the Boot Ranch last Friday morning, according to law enforcement personnel. No one was injured. The alleged driver was arrested on suspicion of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs. The building had to undergo repairs.

Boot Ranch damaged by dune buggy driver
By Tom Marshall
Senior Advocate writer

An allegedly intoxicated dune buggy driver lost control of the vehicle near a liquor store on Levee Road last Friday and crashed into the side of the Boot Ranch, according to Mt. Sterling police.

After allegedly visiting Rt. 11 Liquors, police said the dune buggy driver reportedly lost control while headed south on Levee Road and narrowly missed a telephone pole before plowing into the business about 11 a.m.
Boot Ranch owner Michael May told the Advocate that he was sitting in a patio enclosure section on the side of the business when he heard the buggy barreling down Levee Road.

May was the only one in the business at the time. Normally his mother would be there and possibly his children, he said.

Instinctively, May said he got up from his seat and moved before the collision happened.

“I just had a feeling he was going to lose control and I got out of the way,” he said, judging by the loud revving of the dune buggy engine.
The vehicle hit a storm sewer before entering in through the side wall and window to the enclosure. The building was undergoing repairs Friday afternoon.

Police arrived shortly after the incident and arrested the alleged dune buggy driver. He was identified as James R. “Jamie” Waller, 46, who was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs, first offense (aggravating circumstances).

Police said he was uninjured in the accident and was taken directly to the Montgomery County Regional Jail.

May said Waller once worked for his father at Major Brands, a nearby vehicle repair business. He said he’s pleased Waller is OK.
“The main thing is nobody got hurt and he had insurance,” May said.

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